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Inter courier service takes Quality and Health & Safety seriously. Not only do we have key team members responsible for making sure that we practice what we preach, but we also bring in external consultants for our annual reviews. This way we can make sure we are doing everything we can to deliver a safe and quality service. And our safety record is second to none.


When it comes to  Inter Courier Service are a little bit different.

We provide back-up to your own in-house fleet vans so you can minimise your costs during the quiet times. Our customers like us because we provide certainty that the job has been done, and has been done to your own high standards.

We not only get your precious cargo from A to B in the best possible way, but we are also well known for providing added value. Like calling you to let you know the goods have been collected and delivered. And we don’t just deliver; we can do paperwork and installation too.

We work with you, and let you know if we see a more cost effective way of doing things, for example changing routes or improvements to waiting times. We back up your fleet vans with contracted, regular, irregular and ad hoc work, whatever works for you.

And if you think you haven’t seen our vans on the road that’s because we work undercover. We don’t brand our vans because our customers tell us they like that way and we can work as if we are part of your in-house team. Next time you see a plain white van give us a wave because it just might be one of ours.


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